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Network Systems Science & Technologies


Network Systems is a "young" and rapid-growing  field of science. Its technologies' applications, publications, presentations, & books are growing exponentially. Let BSE3  help you and your organization keep up it this exciting field.

Renewable Energy Applications & Technologies


Our planet and its people require clean energy, and "carbon neutral" technologies to control climate change.  Let BSE3 help by consulting and educating you and your organization.

Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems for Understanding


Networks come in a variety of "flavors," but all have common features . Modeling allows understanding of these systems, and moves closer to predict and control their operations.

Biotechnology and S.T.E.M. Education

STEM Needs and Services

Oct. 17, 2018



Files coming soon.

Networks: Systems Ecology and Biology

Networks - Blueprints of Nature.  This a introduction to the science and application of network science to ecology, evolution, education, and biological topics. Addition videos and blogs are coming. Thanks, BSE3 staff and Robert Paterek.

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Additionally blog and video blogs ideas


Joint myself, Dr. Robert Paterek and my artificial intelligence researchers and instructors, Dr. Penelope and Dr. Alfred for more exciting information and topics.

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